About Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri

Mission Statement

Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri is committed to working to transform our community, both in Mid-Missouri and throughout the state, in order to bring about a peaceful political revolution. We shall work in the furtherance of economic, political, social, racial and environmental justice through education, direct action, and political engagement.

More About Us

Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri is organization of local voters and concerned citizens coordinating their efforts to realize progressive values in Mid-Missouri and the nation as a whole. We want a government that works for all Americans, not just those with the financial means to buy influence. We are fighting to give all Americans the opportunity to work for a living wage, to live in a healthy and unpolluted environment, a country where no person is discriminated against because of their race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

The strategy to accomplish these goals is to recruit, train, and help elect candidates for public office who will represent and legislate to realize our shared vision. We will also advocate for progressive legislation with our representatives whether they generally support our goals or not. This will include collaborating with other groups to collect signatures for Missouri ballot initiatives that align with our platform.

We are an affiliate group to the national Our Revolution non-profit organization, which was started by the volunteers, staff, and supporters of Bernie Sanders during his 2016 political campaign. We continue to fight for the same ideas and values espoused by the Senator from Vermont.